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How orbital welding improves tube welding quality

Tube welding appinWhen welding stainless steel tube and pipe, the biggest elevation in quality is to make the switch to orbital welding.

Due to changes in demand for quality, orbital welding is becoming more and more popular across different industries throughout Australia.

Orbital welding improves quality several ways:

  • Consistency. Once a program has been set with an orbital welder, you will achieve the same result every time. Whether in a controlled workshop environment or on a difficult access site, your welds will be the same at the start of the day as at the end of the day.
  • Controlled environment. Enclosed orbital weld heads provide an inert atmosphere around the weld which maintains correct gas flow and prevents turbulence from impeding on the weld
  • Cleanliness. With full gas coverage in an enclosed orbital weld head, the heat effect of the weld pool is minimised, and the weld area remains very clean, leaving passivation requirements only minimal.
  • Traceability. Modern orbital welding machines like the Orbitalum 180SW have full quality control ability, with documentation pre welding and post welding possible. Measurements of actual volts, amps, travel speed, gas used etc can be printed after the weld is completed
  • Superior weld settings. Orbital welding equipment like the Orbitalum machines come with pre-programmed weld procedures developed by the world’s best welding engineers. Settings can be adapted to different types of tube and in different industries to maintain the highest achievable quality

The best way to discover how orbital welding improves tube welding is by booking a demonstration online here...


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